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swwwwing life away

awesome song :D mmk, so today was my second day of the second week of school. I have to say it's going pretty good :) No problems thus far, besides I have some people I can't trust spreading things. Yea.. but it's all good. Nothing new.

I am sitting here listening to music, waiting on a pizza that dad said he was bringing home. Heh. IT'S TAKING FOREVER. ALL I WANT IS A FRIGGIN PiZZA! Lol, kidding. I'm not that deperate.. - yet. Atleast I don't think. Mr. Tummy is getting rather hungry.

I know that life ain't always good to you.
I've seen exactly what it’s put you through
Thrown you around and turned you upside down and so you
You got to thinking there was no way out
You started sinking and it pulled you down
It may be tough you've to get back up
Because you know that life ain't over yet
I'm here for you so don't forget
You can count on me
Cause’ I will carry you till you carry on
Anytime you need someone
Somebody strong to lean on
Well you can count on me
To hold you till the healing is done
And every time you fall apart
Well you can hide here in my arms
And you can count on me
To hold you till that feeling is gone
Default♥ Count On Me

I love Erica for good music.
She's not good for anything else. Haha, I just kiddin'. Ericuh's my budday. =) Anyways, I really need to remember to put my contacts in tomorrow, or i'll be in trouble again. Heh. I cant believe I keep forgetting them! Ugh. I really can't see without them. Well, I am going to go eat. I'll write again tomorrow.

♥ love

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