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well, i shouldn't be up.. but..

I really should be in bed, but I thought I would write anyways. Today was an excellent marching day. It was sprinkling the whole time, and the wind was blowing - so it wasn't hot at all. That's awesome. I hate being all hot. AND... another good bit of news - it's supposed to be in the 70s for the labor day parade! Yesss.. that means it won't be that hot when we're out there marching in our heavy uniforms. Those things are so retarded. My hat sticks up like 2 miles from my head, and my butt looks soooo saggy in the pants. Lol. Band.

I really need to step it up. I'm having a lot of trouble with Geometry. Ugh. Carl is supposed to help me - and Trever offered to tutor if I needed it.. because he's the awesomest

Mmmk. I'm going to go.
Wish me a good day at school tomorrow :)

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