December 5th, 2005

hmm.. life sucks

What do you do when your friends dont approve of the person you really want to be with? And I dont mean just ... not approving. I mean completely hating them? ... Exactly, I have no clue what to do. Me and JJ are taking a break just because of my friends and them hating us together. I know it sounds stupid, and I know I shouldnt let them control me, but when I think about it - theyre just trying to keep me from getting hurt. And I guess, in the end, they have to hurt me to keep me from getting hurt by someone else. And that sucks. I really like him and Idont know what to do... :/ so I guess we're just taking a break. A long one. Probably a never-ending one. I guess in both ways its good - because we shouldnt be together anyways. And now I dont have to worry about my dad killing me. I mean literally killing me if he found out. Sigh. Life really sucks sometimes, but hey, God is just testing me right? Right.

xo. please pray for me. haha:]
I'm going to start updating this thing again. I need to. I stopped for awhile, and its cool because no one from school really has one of these anymore - so its kind of my thing again. :] woowoo. Welp, until another time.
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