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By me.

Sometimes It's hard,
hard to please everyone at once.
Because it's like the ones you try to please
Are the ones letting you down.
And it's only because I love you
Or.. I think I do.
That all this comes into view
Some people are senseless
it's not hard to see
that what they say
is not always what they feel.

And sometimes when I sit alone
this runs through my mind:
Why not be fake with the people
who are nothing but fake with you?
Is it because I'm weak, or is it because I'm down..
Or maybe I care too much,
for the others who dont care at all.
Maybe i'm too nice, too everything
because everytime I'm not around
It's like in your mind.. I was hardly there
And, then it hits me...
Maybe.. I really wasn't there at all.

I was having a freestyle poetry moment. Sorry. I get a lot of those. Free style is so easy, but I hate how mine never have any rythym. It sucks. But.. I do like the words. YES its friday. So happy. Marching Monday = ugh.

Sorry, gotta go

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