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uPpppDATE. ha.

Well in case you failed to notice,
In case you failed to see,
This is my heart, bleeding before you,
This is me down on my knees.

And these foolish games are tearing me apart,
And your thoughtless words are breaking my heart...
You're breaking my heart.

Excuse me, 'cause I'm mistaken you for someone else...
Somebody that gave a damn...
Somebody more like myself.

Jewel - "Foolish Games"

I swear that is the best song I've ever heard. The piano is so pretty.. I love Jewel. If you haven't heard that song before - download it. Please. I must have listened to it 5 times in the last 10 minutes.. <3 Love.

So, as far as what's new with me - nothing. Band today sucked. It was so hot outside and awful..and the saxes (mee) just CANT get the line right. hahahahaa.. yea, we so suck. but, as far as anything else even partially interesting, school pictures were today. I wanted to order some but I forgot all about it. Atleast I wore my pearls - yesss. <3

Well, I'm gonna go. I'll write again later sometime.



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