sChhOOOL. exhauuuStttiOON. dyING.

mmk. dying may be a bit of an exxageration - but I really have exhausted. I need to finish my homework - but I just don't feel like it. I think I need a personal nanny around at all times to MAKE sure I get on it as soon as I get home from school so I don't have to worry about it anymore. hehh...

as far as school, everything has been going well so far. Not bad. I actually like all my classes, got two 86s on two quizzes (eh, so so.)... and friends thing - well, that's not a problem. Highschool really is awesome once you're used to it.

so, I have ANOTHER quiz tomorrow in world history (but its actually a quiz on geography - whats with that?) I should probably gettt-a-going. I need to get studying, and do this hurricane tracking thing for Mrs. Humphries in science. I hope the school floods and floats away :O and so, I leave you with lyrics. much love. enjoy. (like anyone likes my music, right?) hahaaaaa.

I wanted to be that breath of fresh air,
When everything smelled so insincere.
But this taste still lingers in my mouth,
Deceit has ways of sticking around.
And I'm ready to disappear,
Vacation seems far...From here.

Note to self: I miss you terribly.
This is what...We call a tragedy.
Come back to me, Come back to me, To me.
Note to self: I miss you terribly.
This is what...We call a tragedy.
Come back to me, Back to me, To me.

I can feel my mind, wandering again.
Into where I dont know,
and will I ever get home?
Time starts moving, faster than I can.
And I'm sick of this scene,
I need to break the routine.
~From First To Last ♥ Note To Self
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yess FRIDAY!

Well, it is officially 35 weeks of school until summer. Awesome. I do have to say though, that I really like highschool. It seems like such a SHORT day. It's great. :] I love the fact that we have so much freedom, and it's so much different than CMS. ♥ I really think I am going to like it.

I got my band uniform today. I tried on my hat.
Goodness. Lets just say I'm going to look prreetty goofy come Labor Day parade. Haha. I kind of like the whole fact that I'm finally in AHS Band. It makes me happy ;] I don't like how Patrick and them all dropped out for football, but it'll be ok. I'll live. I can't wait until the football games! yes, it'll be great. I'm a little nervous, considering I have to lead my whole block. I lead the first row, which means all the other first people in the other rows have to follow me. What if I go too far? and Saxes couldn't get their lines right to save their lives. Lol. Me ish a sax, so I can't really complain now can i ? haha.

We get to go swimming at the country club next week during gym. That's pretty awesome. We have to wear a t-shirt over our bikinis - that's not. Succcks. Growl. Yess, I finally updated. *hears yays*.. yea. well, I will try to keep up this weekend.

Love you all...
Wish me luck. period. for whatever. lol
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I made a new icon.
It's an example of a 5th grade love letter. :P You know - the whole "do you like me, yes or no?" lol. Check it out. (info page)...

So, school today - be surprised - NOTHING HAPPENED. I didn't dump water in my lap like yesterday, or trip UP the steps like Monday. So, all in all.. it was a very good day! <3 I don't really have anything to update about, I'm just procratinating my homework. UGGGGGH. I need to get on it though, so I guess I'll finish later.

first day of highschool

MMMK, so my first day of highschool was today. Yayyyy. (ehhem) I guess it was okay. It's a lot different than middle school - I knew it would be. We actually have a lot more freedom than we did at CMS. It's all different. It's fun at times, and then other times it just gets on my nerves. The only class that gets close to hot - or so far - is geometry. That's 3rd block. Today it wasn't very hot - thank goodness. We had to run drills in band. Thank goodness tomorrow I have gym. I don't think I could take another day of marching on the field in jeans. And plus, I got my tennis shoes all dirty :O That sucks, big time.

Anyways I have to vaccuum. Vito (chinchilla) made a huge mess. I have to get that up. I'll write again tomrrow. Maybe. No promises. Hahaha. xoxx.. loovee.
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orientation tonight. WOOHOO.

I'm SO not ready for school..and to think that it starts MONDAY is incredibly scary :/

I guess I'm not so nervous about highschool anymore. You could say that I'm as ready as I'm ever gonna be. I just can't bear the fact of facing homework and classwork again - let alone the drama that comes with school. Drama <3 Don't you just LOVE it? Heh. Orietation is tonight. Or, atleast freshman orientation is. I'm so friggin anxious to just go and get it over with. I just want to get the waiting over with - so I'll be comfortable with school and everyone in it... and just being there. Too bad life doesn't have a fast forward button. I guess you shouldn't rush things though, huh? Life does go by pretty quick ;)

I am going school shopping in DC on Friday. That'll be fun. We're going to Tyson's. YES. I haven't heard of half of the stores in there, but hey they have Banana Republic and all that cool stuff, so it can't be too bad. Check it out -> .. seems pretty cool to me. I ordered a blue and orange L.L. Bean bookbag, but sadly we don't think it will be here until Tuesday or Wednesday. SOO, I have to get a new bookbag because my old one is too trashed and falling apart.. to use for one day. WOOHOO. That's so stupid. My mom suggested one of the Roxy ones from PACSUN, but they're so expensive - it's not worth that for a day.

mmk, yayyy long post. I'm getting good. <3 you all. WISH ME LUCK, BUCKOS.
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sorry, couldn't resist..

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mmk. got a free layout from ooohoman. too lazy to make my own right now, and I just dont have time.
I love it. Pheed Me. Thats gotta be the best thing ever. Really. I will make my own here soon though.

I can't believe this is the last week of summer! I'm going to die. Little Roxie is growing up so fast! She is already visably bigger.. in a week. She's the cutest thing..

Heather came up Saturday. She saw Roxie and loved her.. i think. Atleast she said she did. Haha. She tinkled in the floor (Roxie that is... not Heather) and I went to clean it up and found this MONSTER pile of doggy.. mess.. between the steps and the walkway. I can't see how so much.. of that.. could come out of a little dog! Geez. It was bigger than here! O_O Heather got sick though, so we took her home early. Poor thing, and then I was sick that night. It must have been something we ate or something =/

Erica is coming up tonight to see the puppy. Woo. Well, and me. Mostly I'd say she's seeing the puppy. Or that's what I want her.. ok. nvm. I am just confusing myself now. ♥ I'll write again soon. Probably tomorrow. Yes. Love.
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